Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size of your space, each Room Shocker will treat a room of up to 37sqm. You need to use one room shocker per room.
While Room Shocker is safe for humans, pets and even plants, we do not recommend being in the same room while the product is working for any extended period of time. Like most other cleaning solutions the products may irritate eyes and throat. It is however completely safe to go in and out of the room and or stay in any other part of the house, where the product is not in use
No, you do not. Our products are safe for plants, food, and other delicate items including electronic equipment. All of Chlorine Dioxide basically breaks down into a saltwater solution.
No, our product evaporates into a basic saltwater solution leaving no residue whatsoever
You will notice a light chlorine smell immediately after using the product. Open the doors and windows for at least 20 minutes to air out the space. The smell will dissipate completely. In addition, air and sunlight aids in rapidly breaking down the product as well.
Yes, our products are safe for pets and humans, however you should not be in the same room while the product is working. There is no residue or lingering odour that will cause harm to animals or humans.
No, each product has been formulated for a specific application. Please use our products in accordance with the easy to follow directions.
ClO2-DMG technology, through its patented dry-medium, release technology is able to generate and release a nontoxic Chlorine Dioxide or Clo2 vapor, into any confined area. This release of the nontoxic Chlorine Dioxide vapor penetrates deeply into any porous material, removing the odours.*
You can use our products for all types of odour removal in homes, schools, hotels, motels, by realtors, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, basements, restaurants, bars, restrooms, cabins, marinas, health care facilities, gyms, locker rooms, etc.
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