• Removes domestic pet odours effectively!
    Room- Shocker™
  • Cigarette smoke stinking up your apartment or home?
    Room Shocker™
  • Remove fresh paint odours completely with
    Room Shocker™



With Biocide Systems line of Bio-Shocker products you can eliminate the toughest odours in a way that no other product can.

Removes stubborn smells and odours, completely! Clears a room of up to 37 square meter.
Room Shocker reaches areas that other products do not, because it works like a fogger. It is completely safe and doesn’t only cover up the smell with another smell. By attacking the odour causing molecules it will filter into walls, fabric, mattresses, soft furnishings, carpets and all hidden areas stubborn smells tend to get trapped.



  • How many rooms can 1 Room-Shocker container do? 1
  • What must be the size of the room? 37 square meter
  • How does it work? Shake, add water & walk away
  • Is it safe on all home interiors? Yes
  • How long does it take to work? 4 - 24 hrs depending on odour
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